Hi, welcome to Four Corners Hearing Centers. We started the company in February, 2010 in order to provide a local hearing company that would be available to customers Monday through Friday. We have been received warmly by the community and for that we want to say THANK YOU.  You owe it to yourself to come by say Hi and ask questions. Hearing loss is not just an individual disability, it effects everyone around us. At Fours Corners Hearing we do our best to fit our patients with the best technology that fits within your budget.  Hearing technology is at it's best today enabling the patient to hear in noise, hear the soft spoken spouse and even the little ones (grand children). With wi-fi technology our patients can add accessories that allow them to connect to their cell phones, TV, computer and MP3 players, with the signal transmitted to both ears. Other devices such as Mini-mics and remote control that can be place anywhere and send the signal to the hearing instruments. Our industry has definitely benefitted from the computer age, transforming our lives in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. Come by and say Hi, your always welcome at Four Corners Hearing Centers.
Four Corners Hearing Centers